LM048: Remote Configuration of Serial Adapter via Bluetooth Connection


This document explains the procedure to configure LM Technologies Bluetooth Serial Adapters – LM048 and LM058, remotely via Bluetooth. Please note the adapter should be programmed with v6.54.MT firmware for this feature to work. This feature is not supported in the standard v6.54 firmware.

Please note the wherever the term Serial Adapter is used, it means LM Technologies LM048 or LM058 Bluetooth Serial Adapter.



  • Serial Adapter with v6.57 or above firmware. The remote configuration setting should be enabled which is also default setting
  • PC with inbuilt Bluetooth/Bluetooth Dongle or any other Bluetooth Device to configure the Serial Adapter remotely
  • USB to mini USB Cable to power the Serial Adapter via Mini USB port. Alternatively the Serial Adapter can also be powered with 5V DC via Pin 9 of DB9 port
  • Serial Terminal program like Hyperterminal, Hercules Setup Utility, Teraterm
  • LM Serial Adapter AT Command Manual which can be downloaded from the here


  • A PC or Laptop with Serial Port or USB to RS232 Cable
  • Hexedit software if user wants to analyse remote configuration sequence
The default serial settings of v6.57 firmware are

Baud Rate: 19200 bps
Data Bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop Bits: 1
Flow Control: None

All the settings of the adapter can be read by connecting the serial adapter to the serial port of PC and sending AT+ENQ command via Serial terminal or using LM149 Configuration Software.

Setting up Authentication

The user can set up a password for remote login by using AT+RLOGIN command. The password should be between 5-16 characters long and should contain at least 1 digit.This password can be setup only locally by connecting the serial adapter to PC or Laptop serial port. This password cannot be setup remotely. The following screenshot shows commands to setup and query the password using Hercules Setup Utility Serial Terminal


Setting up Remote Login Authentication

Remote Configuration Procedure

LM Bluetooth Serial Adapters running v6.57 firmware or later can be configured over Bluetooth using the following combinations