LM048: How to use with Bluetooth USB Adapter

This article explains how to use LM048 with a Bluetooth USB Adapter or in-built Bluetooth Controller of a lapotop/PC running Windows.

The below steps are shown using a Windows 7 Desktop machine with a Bluetooth USB Adapter and Hercules Setup Utility Serial Terminal.

Step-by-step guide

  • Power up the LM048/LM058 Bluetooth Serial Adapter. Make sure the adapter is in slave mode. Blue LED is blinking with frequency of around 300 ms when adapter is in slave mode. If not sure about the adapter mode, please factory reset the LM048 by pressing the RESET button for 3 seconds. The 3 LEDs will blink 3 times to show that reset was successful.
  • Plug in the USB Adapter on PC and let it initialise
  • Right click on Bluetooth icon and select Add Device


  • Select the LM048 Serial Adapter.


  • Enter Pairing code 1234 (default)




  • Open Bluetooth Devices when LM048 is added successfully to Bluetooth Devices. Right click on the device and check the Bluetooth COM port on the Services Tab


  • Now use a serial terminal to open the Virtual COM port created earlier. Opening this terminal will create Bluetooth connection and closing it will disconnect Bluetooth.
    When Bluetooth connection is created, the Blue LED on the LM048/LM058 will become solid