LM048: Connecting to a Windows PC over Bluetooth (Video)


In the video below our engineer shows how to connect the LM048 adapter to a Windows PC over Bluetooth via dongle.

  • Make sure the DCE/DTE switch is towards DCE when LM048 is communicating with PC.
  • Reset the adapter with RESET switch pressed for 3 seconds.
  • After reset, observe the power on LED sequence – All LEDs blinks for 3 times. Then make sure the LED sequence is RED-ON, Yellow-OFF, Blue Blinking.
  • Try reading the settings from  LM048 with LM149 tool.
  • After you successfully pair PC with LM device, PC opens two comports(standard Serial Over Bluetooth Link). You need to check which comport is for outgoing connection (PC=master and LM-device=slave).
    Then open that comport on your PC, you should see the connection established and data transfer.



  • The TX-RX LEDs on external adapter glows only when LM149 is communicating for reading settings.
  • The Amber LED should never be on while issuing commands. The Blue LED should be blinking (not constantly ON).

LM811: Linux driver installation


The WiFi driver can be downloaded from here: If you are compiling on the Raspberry Pi 2 or another ARM device you will need to change the SUBARCH build parameter in the Makefile to “arm”.

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