LM811: Using WiFi Access Point and WiFi Station simultaneously


The LM811 can function as a WiFi Access Point and a WiFi station at the same time.  Concurrent mode allows the device to perform 2 separate wireless tasks at the same time.

This is dependant on how much bandwidth is allocated for a specific application. For example on Linux (x86), the LM811 can function as a WiFi AP and 8 WiFi Clients at the same time. The driver must be configured to concurrent mode. Please note that the channel under concurrent mode must be the same with both the WiFi STA and AP.

Three combinations of concurrent mode are supported:

  1. Station mode + Station mode
  2. Station mode + AP mode
  3. Station mode + P2P mode


Enabling Concurrent Mode

In Realtek’s WiFi driver source code folder, edit the Makefile to add EXTRA_CFLAGS += -DCONFIG_CONCURRENT_MODE to the target platform. After modification you have to rebuild the driver and then reload it.

Use the I386 as an example:

ifeq ($(CONFIG_PLATFORM_I386_PC), y)
… …

You can verify if it works by typing “ifconfig –a” command, It is supposed to show two wireless interfaces, and MAC address of secondary interface is nearly the same except the bit1 of byte0 was assigned as 1.

Based on past experiences, we recommend our customers to verify the whole system step by step – first check station mode, then check AP mode, finally the station + AP mode (concurrent mode).

  • Please reference “wpa_cli_with_wpa_supplicant.pdf” to understand how to run in station mode, “Quick_Start_Guide_for_Station_Mode.pdf” is also a good choice.
  • Please reference “Quick_Start_Guide_for_SoftAP.pdf” to understand how to run in AP mode.

For further instructions please refer to the document “Realtek_WiFi_concurrent_mode_Introduction.pdf” in the Linux driver ZIP package.


Common Questions

Q1: Why does the system still only have one interface after rebuilding module with insmdo?

A: Please make sure you edit the correct autoconf.h and insmod the correct module, and also provide your autoconf.h and kernel message log to us.

Q2: Everything is fine when I only start hostapd, but when I start running station mode in another interface at the same time, the hostapd will disconnect for a second then be reconnected again; however the channel is different from the prior setting. Is anything wrong?

A: Don’t worry, this is fine! As described before, those two wireless interfaces actually share the same physical hardware device. That means those 2 wireless interfaces must work under the same channel. Our rule is AP/P2P interface should follow the channel of the station interface; if both interface are running station mode, the connected AP’s must be the same channel.

Q3: How is the throughput when using 2 wireless interfaces in concurrent mode?

A: Because there is only one physical hardware device, the two wireless interface (wlan0, wlan1) will share the transmit bandwidth, for example: Assume the throughput limitation of current environment is 85Mb/s, then the throughput of wlan0 + the throughput of wlan1 is basically equal or smaller than 85Mb/s.

Q4: Which wireless interface can run in station mode? Which wireless interface can run in AP mode?

A: We recommend runing station mode in wlan0, run AP or P2P mode in wlan1.