LM540: Not detected on PC


My LM540 USB Adapter is not detected on the PC due to which I have either of the following issues

  • Windows Bluetooth Icon is not appearing on the task bar
  • IVT Bluesoleil Bluetooth Icon is Grey and when I try to turn on Bluetooth if fails

Solution 1

This problem may be caused when the LM540 is detected as a CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) Bluecore Bluetooth Device due to the CSR USB Driver already being installed on the PC. To check this follow the below steps:

  • Plug in the LM540 and check Device Manager


If the LM540 is coming up as CSR Bluecore Bluetooth under Device Manager, please update the driver. Choose “Browse my computer” option


Choose Let me pick from list of driver option


Choose Generic Bluetooth Adapter option


Driver should update successfully


Once the Driver is updated successfully, the LM540 should come up as Bluetooth Radio


Now switch on the Bluetooth Adapter using Bluesoleil and this time the Bluesoleil should be able to initialize the LM540.

Solution 2

The second reason why the LM540 is not detected on the PC or Bluesoleil is unable to initialize the LM540 is because there may already be a Bluetooth Adapter or in-built Bluetooth Controller on the PC or Laptop. In this case you need to disable the inbuilt Bluetooth controller and then plug in the LM540. You can disable the existing Bluetooth Controller by going to the Device Manager