LM540: IVT Bluesoleil License Problem

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“I have purchased an LM540 and installed the IVT Bluesoleil Software that came with it on the CD on the Windows Machine. When I plug in the LM540 USB Adapter, the Bluesoleil Software complains that the user is running an unlicensed version.

Due to this problem I am unable to use the IVT Bluesoleil Software with the LM540. The error is shown in the screenshot below, please help me resolve this issue…”



The IVT Bluesoleil License key is programmed in the EEPROM of LM540. We produce 2 variants of LM540

  • With IVT License Key (Black Label)
  • Without IVT License Key (White Label)

If you are facing the issue, most likely you are using a LM540 without the IVT License key (White Label).

To confirm, please check to see if your adapter features a black label as pictured, if it does not, please see the solutions listed below.


There are 2 solutions to this issue

  • Uninstall IVT Bluesoleil and use Windows Bluetooth Driver instead if there is no specific reason why IVT Bluesoleil is needed
  • Contact your supplier or raise a support ticket with us and we will help you to swap the unit