Legacy Firmware Notes

Firmware Development Historic Overview


Firmware Notes

v4.55 Firmware (Update for LM400 data module only)

  • Based on v4.54 firmware
  • Fixed connection status issue on the LM400 header status pin

v4.54 Firmware : Release Date 07/10/2010

  • Based on v4.53 firmware
  • Data transfer mechanism changed to increase throughput and decrease latency
  • Max Baud rate limited to 230Kbps on LM048, LM058 hardware due to RS232 level shifter IC

v4.53 Firmware : Release Date 18/05/2010

  • Based on v4.52 firmware
  • Inquiry cancel command added
  • Resolved RS232 level shifter IC issue in LM048, LM058

v4.52 Firmware : Release Date 30/09/2009

  • Based on v4.51 firmware
  • “AT+CONN= xxxxxxxxxxxx” command added to allow connection with specific remote device
  • Inquiry procedure issues resolved
  • Serial Baud rate 921 kbps supported

v4.51 Firmware : Release Date 18/08/2009

  • First version developed with new AT command set for LM400/LM071/LM072 modules
  • Features equivalent to v4.22.  Added remote access feature equivalent to RACv1.03 firmware. Different
  • AT command set than used in v4.22, RACv1.03 firmware