LM149 PC Configuration Software v1.6

Status: Ready, Beta version available

  • Increase the size of firmware version control so it can display long firmware version strings.   Done
  • Add Support for remote configuration.   Done
  • Features enabled depending on the firmware version.   Done
  • Remove remote access code and options from the GUI and replace with Remote Configuration features.   Done
  • Rename Remote Device Settings button to Remote Configuration.  Done
  • Add support for AT+RLOGIN command.   Done
  • Add support for firmware v6.18 commands AT+RICD, BT2.1 commands AT+PASSKEY, AT+PASSCFM, AT+MITM, AT+IOTYPE, AT+DPIN.   Done
  • Add Open COM port and Close COM port option on remote configuration settings window so that remote configuration can be done via USB Adapters and virtual COM ports.   Done
  • Add Multipair support where a list of slave devices to connect can be provided to the software and then user can choose the slave device, create connection and disconnect.   Done
  • Make some minor fixes to GUI settings to display long strings.   Done
  • In Pairing Procedure set the bonding address of Device 1 to Device 2 address before changing the role to master. Otherwise, Device 1 may start connecting to an open slave device before the pairing procedure is finished.
  • Minor bug fixes in AT Command Parser.  Done
  • Code cleanup and reorganization.  Done