Where can I find BlueZ support for Linux?

BlueZ is the official Bluetooth software stack for Linux. BlueZ is usually preinstalled in the Linux operating system across most of the variants. When using our Host Controller Interface (HCI) adapters or modules with Linux a Bluetooth driver such as BlueZ is required.

To find out the what BlueZ version your distribution of Linux is running, use the following command in the command line: bluetoothd -v

Please visit the BlueZ website for documentation and downloadable drivers: www.bluez.org/

How do I install the LM506 Bluetooth Adapter?

In order to install the LM506 Adapter, please see the Quick Guide (LM506_NOTE_QUICK_START_GUIDE.pdf) available on the LM506 Product Page documentation tab.

LM506: Apple iBeacon with BlueZ 5.X

As an official Apple iBeacon Partner, LM Technologies Ltd is well-positioned to provide the support that you require utilising iBeacon technology with our modules and adapters.

A common scenario is how to provide a basic Apple iBeacon signal from our LM506 Bluetooth 4.0 SMART-Ready (BLE) Adapter when working with the Linux BlueZ stack. Read more