Why am I experiencing a delay when sending messages?

After the LM048 connects to a remote device, the local host observes a delay (milliseconds) when receiving messages from the LM048 at particular data rates.

While the LM048 is connected to the remote device it enters into “Online-data-mode”. In “Online-data-mode”, if “AT+ESC+” setting is present the LM048 keeps on checking for an escape sequence from the local host. After receiving the escape sequence the LM048 terminates the “Online-data-mode”, followed by entering the Online-command-mode.

Using the “Online-command-mode”, you can change/query the LM048 settings or can issue the disconnect command to terminate it.

The escape sequence check algorithm may cause a delay in forwarding the messages if some specific timings for the data rate are matched.

If you do not need to initiate the connection-termination from the LM048 or you do not require the Online-command-mode or observed the above issue, then use the “AT+ESC-” setting on your device.
Note 1: The escape sequence checks it is applicable to all Bluetooth v2.0 and v2.1 firmware versions

Note 2: The default setting is “AT+ESC+”.