LM048: Modifying the connection supervision timeout

This parameter can be modified by a user if they have a AT command interface. The current firmware does not include AT commands to modify this parameter.

Firmware can be customised to user needs (depending on development time, cost and volume). If you’re interested in customised firmware, please contact the sales team here.

LM048: Sending RS232 data to Excel

It’s possible to read serial port data in Excel using an ActiveX control such as StrokeReader.

Another possible method would be to use the MSComm control that comes with Visual Basic.

LM048: Modem/RS232 Signal Handling

This article explains how LM048/LM058 Serial Adapter handles the RS232 control signals also known as modem signals. This article also covers how to configure your LM048/LM058 Serial Adapter so that the modem signals can be transmitted to the remote end over Bluetooth. Read more