LM048: Changing the baud rate using the LM149 tool (Video)

The default firmware on the LM048 has a Baud-Rate of 19200.

In the video below our engineer demonstrates how to use our LM149 configuration tool to change the Baud-Rate on the LM048 and LM058.  When you change the Baud-Rate you have to select “Save Settings” to ensure that the tool sends the correct commands to the device and saves the configuration changes.

You can see that baud rates from 1200, 2400, 4800 to 9600 are supported and modified according to the response received from the AT+ENQ command. After you submit the AT+Reset command, the default baud rate of 19200 is loaded (the LM048/LM058 device will also be reset if you press and hold the Reset button continuously for 3 seconds).



LM400 / LM410: Communication issues with LM149 configuration software

The LM410 is the same as the LM400 with the exception of an antenna.

  • Check the software version number of your module.
  • If 6.18/6.19 then it should have flow control enabled. So when connecting TX/RX lines you need to connect the CTS and RTS lines as well.
  • Version 6.64/6.61/6/57 has default flow control disabled and will only work with TX/Rx /GND line connection.
  • If specific software is required where the default settings are Resp-, Echo-, then the LM149 cannot be used directly. The LM149 works properly if  the test module has Resp+, Echo+ settings.