LM068/ LM961/ LM074 BT4.1/BT5.0 Firmware Release


Note: SSPC is dual mode firmware with SPP and GAP Central



Version: SPPC_0201 – 8th April 2019

1. Added the patch for BT5.0 compliance for CSRB5348 chipset.

2. Minor bug fixes.

3. UpgradeINT and UARTCONF settings included in AT*Settings report, AT*Reset=2 command resets the UpgradeINT and UARTCONF settings.

4. Default Upgrade interface is UART.

5. Default UARTCONF is maximum throughput.

6. Added Command AT*STACKVER=? To check the HCI and Stack version for BT5.0 stack.

Version: SPPC_0115 – 6th December 2018

1. Added the firmware upgrade interface as UART.

2. By connecting the LM074/Lm961/LM068 to UART on PC or micro-controller, user can put the module in upgrade mode and send the upgrade-image over UART interface.


4. Few Minor bug fixes.

Version: SPPC_0114 – 19th_November_2018

1. Changes for Simple Secure Pairing (SSP) pairing with dynamic-key/Passkey. As LM068/LM961/LM074 are BT4.1 device, while pairing with BT2.0 devices it uses PIN and while pairing with BT2.1 and above devices it uses DPIN/MITM/IO-Type settings.

2. By default, for pairing with BT2.1 and above devices, LM961/LM074/LM068 device will use security settings as DPIN=ON, MITM=ON, IO-Type=KB_Only (settings can be changed with AT commands).

3. By default, for BT2.0 devices, Default PIN=1234 (can be changed with AT command).

4. Minor bug fixes/improvements in classic SPP role.

5. Added AT command for UART configuration as “AT*UARTCONF=LATENCY/THROUGHPUT” and “AT*UARTCONF=?”. Default setting for LMs Generic firmware is “THROUGHPUT” meaning the device will support maximum throughput over UART.

Version: SPPC_0109 – 19th Sept 2018

1. Version _0109 released for LM068/LM961/LM074, SPPwithGapCentral.

2. LED Blinking is made as similar as LM048 LEDs. Blue LED Blinking if Not connected. Yellow LED as LINK-Data-Transfer LED.

3. Escape sequence detection logic changed and made as similar as LM048.

4. Added feature to upgrade the device name with last two bytes of the BD-Address. Made it as default True. Users can make it OFF using AT command AT*UpdateName=ON/OFF.

5. Name of LM068 adapter as 068SerialADTxx, xx are last two bytes of BD-address.

Version: SPPC_0108 – 29th June 2018

1. Version _0108 released for LM961/LM074 and LM068.

2. Bug fix – LM961/LM074/LM068 was not getting connected to the WIN-PC, after successful pairing, RFCOMM-Serial-Over-Bluetooth ports were not getting created, error as “device not supporting Serial service” was displayed on PC. Resolved this by adding the default SDP record from CSR-Example-code.

3. Added production and OTA bin images for All devices as per the names suggested by MS.

Version: SPPC_0107 – Recreated images for Ver_0107 – 20th June 2018

1. Above images were not passing the Connection test on LM154 due to no response OK for Pair OK.

2. Recreated the images, SPP_ESC_Sequence timeout is 2 seconds.

3. Other features are same.

4. LM961 tested on LM154 test tool, passes the test successfully.

5. Added all production and OTA.bin images

Version: SPPC_0107

1. Up to Version_0106, the device shall indicate the input pairing request to use and shall process it as per Accept or Reject response from the user.

2. In version_0107, this dependency is removed (like LM048 device) and Device shall accept all the pairing requests. The device shall update user for success/failure of the pairing procedure.