LM048/ LM058/ LM072 BT2.0/ 2.1 Classic Firmware Release


Note: Ultra Low Latency Optional Firmware – Limits data bandwidth to 2kbps



FW 6.20

  • Based on v6.19 firmware
  • Enabled maximum UART throughput
  • Firmware Upgrade over UART/ RS232
  • Fixed CTS line read issue

FW 6.19

  • Based on v6.18 firmware
  • Added specific AT Commands for controlling and reading RTS/DTR lines status and for reading
  • DSR/CTS lines status similar to what was already implemented in the BT2.0 version
  • Added specific remote command for controlling and reading RTS/DTR line
  • Firmware Upgrade over USB
  • Added ultra low latency improvements

FW 6.18

  • Based on v6.17 firmware
  • “AT+MODEM” command added to support modem lines (DTR, DSR) status transfer to remote connected device
  • Resolved firmware crash issue when receiving data in unconnected state

FW 6.17

  • Based on v6.16 firmware
  • “AT+DPIN” command added to support dynamic pin code during connection with remote Bluetooth 2.0 devices
  • Added “AT+IOTYPE”, “AT+MITM”, “AT+PASSKEY”, “AT+PASSCFM” commands and “PASSKEY” and “PASSCFM” event messages to support Bluetooth v2.1 Simple Secure pairing options

FW 6.16

  • Based on v6.15 firmware
  • “AT+RICD” command added to support RI (Ring Indication), CD (Carrier Detect) modem signals
  • Connection issues resolved in v6.15 firmware

FW 6.15

  • Based on v6.51 firmware
  • v6.51 firmware was ported on Bluetooth 2.1 Stack
  • Added support for firmware upgrade via UART/ RS232


FW 6.64

  • Based on v6.63 firmware
  • Enabled maximum UART throughput
  • Firmware Upgrade over USB
  • Resolved the bug for transmitting flow control signals for Flow+/Flow- with modemR setting

FW 6.63

  • Based on v6.62 firmware
  • Enabled maximum UART throughput
  • Firmware Upgrade over USB

FW 6.62

  • Based on v6.61 firmware
  • Enabled maximum UART throughput
  • Firmware Upgrade over UART/ RS232

FW 6.61

  • Based on v6.60 firmware
  • Bug fix for DSR line change issue in case of remote configuration

FW 6.60

  • Based on v6.57 firmware
  • Bug fixed: Hardware flow control settings lost after power off and on again
  • Added low latency improvements

FW 6.57

  • Based on v6.55 firmware
  • Support for remote configuration and hardware flow control for Smartphones, PDAs, PoS e.t.c. as listed below
  • Support for remote configuration i.e. configuration of adapter over Bluetooth
  • Support for authentication (login) during remote configuration
  • Add command to set DTR and RTS line status over Bluetooth
  • Add command to query DTR, RTS, DSR and CTS line status over Bluetooth
  • Increased Maximum Pin Code Length to 16 as per Bluetooth Specification
  • Increased Maximum Device Name length to 32 characters as per IC Vendor Documentation
  • Enable Remote Configuration Setting by default
  • Reject pairing request when pin code authentication is disabled
  • Legacy Remote Access feature removed
  • Infinite loop when presenting certain data formats at high speed to AT command system resolved
  • Rare buffer-overflow bug fixed

FW 6.55

  • Based on v6.54 firmware
  • Ported Support of LM400 Module from v4.55 firmware to v6.55 firmware
  • Remote Configuration Setting changed to OFF by default
  • Fixed crash with Star Printer when DISCONNECT event is sent at the end of printing
  • Fixed problem when firmware sends ERROR after OK response in manual master connect role and no bonded address is set
  • Removed conditional flags from firmware upgrade command so it is supported for all devices
  • Added fix for crash when at+conn1 sent in master manual connect mode without inquiring

FW 6.54

  • Based on v6.53 firmware
  • Fixed firmware crash when data is sent in unconnected state
  • Changed the RESET button short press behavior to just disconnect in connected state. It was also used to start Bluetooth search in v6.53 firmware
  • Add some error checking when connecting to remote bonded device