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Firmware Patch Guide – LM506

The LM506-0518 features at its core a Broadcom BCM20702 Bluetooth 4.0 HCI USB IC. The BCM20702 is shipped from the factory with a generic firmware that will allow for communication between the IC and the host via HCI commands, however, this firmware does not include design-specific RF optimisations, the latest bug fixes or additional functionality. It’s […]

LM540: Not detected on PC

Problem My LM540 USB Adapter is not detected on the PC due to which I have either of the following issues

LM048: Common Issues

Problem 1 I am able to connect to LM048/LM058 Serial Adapter, but no communication is happening? or I am able to connect to LM048/LM058 Serial Adapter, but communication data is garbled/garbage/incomprehensible?

LM048: Modem/RS232 Signal Handling

This article explains how LM048/LM058 Serial Adapter handles the RS232 control signals also known as modem signals. This article also covers how to configure your LM048/LM058 Serial Adapter so that the modem signals can be transmitted to the remote end over Bluetooth.

LM048: How to use with Bluetooth USB Adapter

This article explains how to use LM048 with a Bluetooth USB Adapter or in-built Bluetooth Controller of a lapotop/PC running Windows. The below steps are shown using a Windows 7 Desktop machine with a Bluetooth USB Adapter and Hercules Setup Utility Serial Terminal.

LM540: IVT Bluesoleil License Problem

Problem “I have purchased an LM540 and installed the IVT Bluesoleil Software that came with it on the CD on the Windows Machine. When I plug in the LM540 USB Adapter, the Bluesoleil Software complains that the user is running an unlicensed version.

LM048: How do I pair two LM048s to auto-connect to each other?

A pair of LM048 or LM058 Adapters can be configured to auto-connect to each other when powered up. This procedure is calling Pairing up the adapters. This procedure is ideal when a pair of adapters are used as a serial cable replacement solution. For example a serial cable connection between a POS terminal and label […]