Firmware Patch Guide – LM506

The LM506-0518 features at its core a Broadcom BCM20702 Bluetooth 4.0 HCI USB IC.

The BCM20702 is shipped from the factory with a generic firmware that will allow for communication between the IC and the host via HCI commands, however, this firmware does not include design-specific RF optimisations, the latest bug fixes or additional functionality. It’s therefore important for the sake of RF testing and production that the host load on to the module a ‘PatchRAM’ firmware file.

  • It’s important to note that this patch is applied in volatile RAM memory and as such, must be re-applied each time the device is power-cycled. Needless to say the below routine should be integrated into the host solution that is to be deployed on the end-product.

This guide assumes that the user knows how and has the capability to issue a HCI command and to read a HCI event on their platform.


  • Open HCI command socket over USB or otherwise.
  • Issue the HCI reset command (OGF 0x03, OCF 0x003 or 0x0C03 together), wait for the command complete event and check that the return status code is zero.
  • Issue the vendor specific HCI command ‘Download_Minidriver’ (OGF 0x3F, OCF 0x02E or 0xFC2E together) and wait for the command complete event.
  • Wait for 50ms for the device to enter Download Mode.
  • Parse each HCI command from the HCD firmware file and send it over the HCI command socket, checking that each command is run successfully.
  • Wait 250ms for flashing to complete.

Issuing commands & command complete event

In all cases, the user should wait for the corresponding Command_Complete event when issuing a command and check the command’s return status parameter for errors.

On some platforms, there may be a convenience function which waits for the Command_Complete event, as a wait is often required with most HCI commands.

HCD file format

The HCD file consists of a set of HCI commands in the following format:

OpcodeUnsigned 16-bit integer in little endian byte orderBluetooth HCI command identifier
Parameter lengthUnsigned 8-bit integerLength of the parameter data for this command in bytes
Parameter dataByte arrayZero or more bytes as specified by parameter length

All the data is tightly packed, so each field begins directly after another as does each command.

HCD file



BlueZ; the Bluetooth stack used by the Linux kernel contains a working example of the patchram procedure:

There is also a patch ram utility for Linux/Android which can be found at the following link:


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